The all-round, carefree package for automating your IT processes. Forget all about the paradigms of conventional mainframe data centre environments! The BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling System is oriented to accommodate the requirements of today’s systems and sets new standards for IT process automation. BICsuite equips you for all your job scheduling tasks – from simply starting the program at a specific time through to any kind of complex workflows involving thousands of processes that have to be run in a defined sequence. This comprehensive solution creates, monitors and logs all your processes, significantly enhancing the quality and reliability of your IT environment.

With BICsuite you can continue developing and adapt your systems whenever required, and in doing so sustainably lower your costs and always keep them under control. The high degree of scalability and flexibility ensures that the solution can be profitably deployed at every phase of projects of all sizes. To complement the software, independIT offers a complete package of services ranging from planning, installation and training through to full care of your IT system including near time troubleshooting.


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