Tutorial 8: Time scheduling with different time zones

The video describes some basic time scheduling functions with the newly added time zones New York and Tokyo. We prepare three jobs to start in Munich, New York and Tokyo every day at 5 pm local time. Tutorial 9: More time scheduling options Explore the BICsuite-highlights You have some questions? Please contact us!

Tutorial 7: Setting user defaults

In this video you get known to the user settings of BICsuite and schedulix. You learn how to create a new user profile, define your defaults and add time zones to the selection list. Tutorial 8: Time scheduling with different time zones Tutorial 9: More time scheduling options You have some questions? Please contact us!

Data Warehouse Automation

A multitude of processes have to be executed in data warehouse environments on a daily basis. Although an enterprise scheduling system is to be found in many companies, it is frequently not used for controlling the individual processes in data warehouse operation. In the majority of cases, larger and more complex batch processes are triggered by the enterprise scheduling system, but the workflow control within…

Parallel processing in data warehouse

The processing of large amounts of data is typical for data warehouse environments. Depending on the available hardware resources, sooner or later the point is reached where a job cannot be processed on a single processor resp. cannot be represented by a single process anymore. The reasons for that are: Time requirements demand the use of multiple processors Systems resources (memory, disk space, temporary tablespace, rollback…

Video: Who needs Job Scheduling?

The demands made on today’s IT infrastructures are growing constantly. The integration of all different kinds of IT subsystems and the introduction of new technologies give rise to an ever-increasing number of complex routines and individual processes, which all need to be automated in a heterogeneous system environment. This process is called job scheduling. Manual control mechanisms, rigid programming or the use of impractical job…