BICsuite and schedulix not affected by Java Log4j security vulnerability

There is currently a lot of media attention for a discovered security vulnerability in the Java Log4j library. As we take security risks very seriously, we have checked whether the components of our BICsuite and schedulix Workload Automation System written in Java are affected by the issue. We are pleased to inform our customers and interested parties that our system is not affected by the issue because the Log4j library is not used in our systems.

That’s the Version 2.10

Monitoring of jobs in the workload automation platforms BiCsuite and schedulix
With the new release 2.10, BICsuite and schedulix have become even more user-friendly. In Release 2.10 released on 21/05/04, these changes and additions have been made: Zope 4 / 5 Web GUIZope 4 / 5 based on Python 3 is now officially supported for the BICsuite / schedulix Web GUI. Zope 2 based on Python 2 is still supported but will be deprecated in the next release. Single Sign On with Active DirectoryThe BICsuite and schedulix Web GUI (Zope 2 as well as Zope 4 / 5) can now optionally co...

Migration to BICsuite and schedulix Workload Automation

Time for change: Migration from enterprise job scheduling systems to the BICsuite workload automation platform
High costs, poor support, missing features: there are many reasons for wanting to migrate an existing enterprise job scheduling system to the BICsuite Workload Automation System. A hurdle for the decision to migrate is often the uncertainty about how migration is possible during operation and how the process is designed. We answer these questions in the white paper on our migration method. The document describes a methodology that has proven itself in practice and which follows the principl...

Dependency resolution and ambiguous dependencies

Under certain circumstances, the submission of a batch or job to BICsuite or schedulix is prevented with the error message “Ambigous resolution”.
Under certain circumstances, the submission of a batch or job to BICsuite or schedulix is prevented with the error message "Ambigous resolution". In this article we will show you how this error message can occur and how you can define dependencies so that they can be clearly and unambiguously processed in your Workload Automation System. Example 1 Let’s start with a very simple example. Someone wants to do some processing on a database table. Data needs to be extracted, transformed and ...

Complex scheduling problems

Challange: one person helps another to climb up a hill
We love challenges and invite you to test us. Our timescheduling functionality is extremely powerful due to the possibility of and / or connection, which is why we ask our customers and partners to challenge us from time to time. John's Challenge: "I want a job that usually runs on the 5th of every month to run only if it's a working day. If the 5th falls on a public holiday or on the weekend, the job should run one day earlier. If this is also a day off, the job should run on the first w...

independIT in Berlin

Berlin statue
This week you have twice the opportunity to meet us in Berlin. Zalando Tech Talks On Wednesday 6th November Dieter Stubler from independIT speaks at the Zalando Tech Talks about IT Process Automation with schedulix. Before Mario Behling from OpnTec will report on the exciting open source project SUSI.AI. An artificial intelligence that is not only an alternative to Alexa, Siri and Google Home, but can also be used for robots, help desks and chatbots. The language of the lecture that ev...

That’s the new Version 2.9

The new GUI shell allows API command language to be used directly from the web GUI
We are very pleased to announce the new version 2.9 of BICsuite and schedulix. In addition to the already very powerful features of earlier versions, in this release we have paid particular attention to make the operation in some issues even more efficient and flexible. Here are the most important innovations: GUI shell:Although most BICsuite and schedulix tasks are solved with the graphical user interface, occasionally it is more efficient and practical to access the command line interface....

independIT at FOSSASIA 2019

Dieter Stubler at FOSSASIA 2019
Great value has always been placed on open source at independIT, but in the past year this emphasis has grown even more. The trend is clearly evident. Ever greater numbers of public authorities and major companies are gradually switching to open source software, which increasingly takes them in search of transparent, viable alternatives to proprietary software systems. As developer of the open source solution schedulix job scheduler, we can observe this new orientation towards the open source e...

Relieving backlog situations after maintenance work and system outages

cars and trucks in a traffic jam
Following maintenance work on the server and system outages, backlogs with resource bottlenecks inevitably occur in the workload automation that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. In a backlog situation, the operator team has to take the necessary measures to maintain production operations, and to be able to return to normal operation as quickly as possible. In doing so, key or critical batches and jobs have to be given a higher priority. Unimportant or non-critical jobs have to be eith...

Data Warehouse Automation

dial with gear wheels
A multitude of processes have to be executed in data warehouse environments on a daily basis. Although an enterprise scheduling system is to be found in many companies, it is frequently not used for controlling the individual processes in data warehouse operation. In the majority of cases, larger and more complex batch processes are triggered by the enterprise scheduling system, but the workflow control within these high level batch processes takes place using alternative solutions outside the e...