independIT in Berlin

This week you have twice the opportunity to meet us in Berlin.

Zalando Tech Talks

On Wednesday 6th November Dieter Stubler from independIT speaks at the Zalando Tech Talks about IT Process Automation with schedulix. Before Mario Behling from OpnTec will report on the exciting open source project SUSI.AI. An artificial intelligence that is not only an alternative to Alexa, Siri and Google Home, but can also be used for robots, help desks and chatbots.

The language of the lecture that evening is English, there are still places available, here you may do your registration:

Open Source Day 2019

The next day we continue to the Spionage Museum Berlin, where the annual Open Source Day of the OSB Alliance takes place. Walter Opfermann from the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the State of Baden-Württemberg reports on the latest developments in the spy-defense business. Afterwards Henning Jacobs speaks about open source at Zalando. The following panel discussion will explore the role of open source software in terms of security and digital sovereignty of the state, business and citizens now and in the future. Also on this event we are looking very forward, a registration is requested.

Please let us know, if you plan to take part on one of the events so that we have the chance to meet you in person.