schedulix Open Source Workload Automation Platform

Released under the AGPL licence, schedulix is functionally identical to the BASIC edition of BICsuite, the commercial Enterprise Job Scheduling system (Workload Automation Platform) developed by independIT Integrative Technologies GmbH. Feature-rich BICsuite BASIC has been proving its value in large-scale heterogeneous network environments for many years on account of its stability and reliability in productive use. Up until now, developers have searched in vain for a job scheduling system that ...

BICsuite and schedulix Highlights

Workload Automation Highlights
True to the motto "the whole is more than the sum of its parts", our Workload Automation Platforms BICsuite and schedulix stand out with a series of features that provide for reliable, dynamic and cost-effective automation of your IT processes. Completeness, dynamics, streamlined concepts, stability and intuitive operability are just some of our Automation Platform characteristics with which you can gain an unbeatable system for achieving lower costs and greater efficiency from the development p...