A small system footprint for the BICsuite Enterprise Scheduling System itself and short response times during usage were laid down as design targets right from the very outset and were taken into consideration in the concept for the server infrastructure. Among the features are:

  • A persistency model that minimises access to the RDBMS
  • Multi-threaded servers for parallel processing
  • Non-blocking read consistency when accessing shared data memory pools

Care was also taken to implement efficient processing methods when defining the specifications for the API. One example here is the high performance resolution of hierarchical structures. The system performance that was consequently achieved means that hardware requirements for the BICsuite Enterprise Scheduling System itself are negligible. Short response times during use and a smooth working experience without long waiting periods can be taken for granted.

Power for your success

This BICsuite has proven itself in practice on systems with over 200 users and 50,000 processes.  Internal benchmarks show that BICsuite is also capable of coping with demands far in excess of this capacity. This has the following advantages:

  • Minimum hardware costs
  • Greater ease of use
  • Wide-ranging deployment capability