Different project scales and phases place different demands on an Enterprise Job Scheduling System. Small projects can often be controlled without an appropriate process automation system. Nevertheless, using such a system can have tangible benefits and is essential when the number of jobs in a project grows. The need for a job scheduling system is frequently not recognised or is underestimated at the beginning of a project. At later phases of the project, however, the time and cost involved will start to have a negative impact on the company. Delaying the deployment of a suitable Enterprise Job Scheduling System will make its implementation more expensive. BICsuite offers the ideal solution to this dilemma.

The system that grows with you

Different editions (BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE) and a licensing model that offers real benefits for the user mean that the BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling System can be profitably deployed regardless of the scale or phase of a project.

A professional process automation system that will also be able to cope with growing demands whenever required can thus be implemented at minimum cost for small projects or at the beginning of a project. The slogan ‘Start Small – Think Big’ can really be put into practice with the BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling System. Deploying our BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling System will always enable you to cut your total cost overheads. This has the following advantages:

  • Early deployment with the free BASIC edition
  • Investment protection